COTABATO CITY – DAR Regional Office opened its doors for 5S inspection conducted by the Office of the Regional Governor (ORG) ISO Core Team today, February 14.

5S stands for Seiri (waste elimination), Seiton (functional storage), Seiso (cleaning as a way of purifying the spirit), Seiketsu (standardization), Shitsuke (habit formation).

It is a management standards consistent to the call of the Regional Governor for agencies to adopt ISO-Certifiable Quality Management Systems.

The 5S has been institutionalized in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao as a means to maintain quality housekeeping.

The 5S auditing followed as a major activity for the ARMM 5S Week from February 13-17. It is to audit the different offices in the region in the application and compliance to the 5S standards.

The ORG ISO core team to audit DAR ARMM was headed by Nizzam Pabil, accompanied by Asnaifa Balindong, Farhanna Sanguan and Leanabai Sakal.

The group was welcomed by the designated 5S core team for the agency; Assistant Secretary Sampaco Mamainte and Administrative Officer Hadji Sukarno Andal. Later, was attended by Mohammad Gaber Halud, Human Resource Officer, in showing around the regional office.

Consequently, the 5S auditing team shared the observation: Accordingly, the DAR ARMM office may be less in space, however maximum functionality is being maintained. All divisions and sections are appropriately labeled and properly organized. The color coding on the many labels certainly helped for distinguishing. Information is accessible as incoming and outgoing communications are properly posted and labeled for easy visual. The quality workplace and management as a guideline is posted on bulletin board was also remarked.

An awarding ceremony will follow after the 5S auditing on February 17 at Bajau Hall, ORG ARMM.

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