[Video] ARCCESS in the lives of Bunawan farmers

Kalumenga Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative (KFMPC) is an organization of more than three hundred members in the community of Bunawan, Datu Paglas, Maguindanao. The cooperative was created in order to collectively improve the production, in turn the income and the resiliency of the farmers in the area. According to Mohalidin Pigan, Board of Director of KFMPC, the farmers of Bunawan have long thrived with the little technology they have and have turned to the traditional farming methods for production.

“Farm equipment will help us make use of the greater lands we have and in our production.” Mr. Pigan added.

Despite their limitation, the cooperative manifested consistency in their work which led them to be assisted by the local government unit and the Department of Agrarian Reform ARMM.

KFMPC of the Bunawan ARC is a recipient of the Agrarian Reform Community Connectivity Enhancement Support Services (ARCCESS) project by DAR ARMM. MARO Duruin shared that the agrarian reform partners (ARPs) of the community is observed to have a progressive income with the common service facilities (CSF) assistance.

Jason Tucao, chairman of the the Bunawan Tri-People Marketing Co

operative (BTPMC), another cooperative within the ARC, recalls the struggle in their day to day trade when the assistance was not yet available.

Sadia Pasotan, chairperson of Napok Farmers Multi-Purpose Cooperative (NFMPC), presented the contrasting income they had before compared to the earnings of the present farming with the CSF.

Masandag Tucao, president of Bunawan Krislam Communal Irrigators Association, Inc. (BKCIAI) expresses his warmest gratitude to the people behind the cause, in supporting and advancing the welfare of the farmers.

With the assistance provided by DAR ARMM and the partnership with the local government of Datu Paglas, the ARPs are now hopeful that their trade will help them uproot themselves from poverty.

Given the present development of the implemented projects, Bunawan ARC of Datu Paglas, Maguindanao presents a well-adjusted community and is driven to improve.

Learn more about their ARCCESS story, share to propagate the good news which will inspire the rest of our stakeholders to do more and invest in good.

This is one of the seven (7) video documentations on the impact of ARCCESS to farmers in the ARMM.


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