DAR-ARMM Conducts 1st APSC Meeting for 2018

The Department of Agrarian Reform, ARMM successfully conducted its first Accountability and Problem Solving Committee (APSC) Meeting for 2018 on Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at the Conference Room of the Regional Office in Cotabato City.

Previously named as Management Committee, the APSC is a regular activity of DAR-ARMM that aims to assess program accomplishments, discuss and resolve problems, issues and concerns, and formulate plans and strategies to facilitate the implementation of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP).

The meeting commences with Regional Secretary Dayang Carlsum Sangkula-Jumaide stressing the importance of teamwork, cooperation and coordination between the regional office and the provincial offices to ensure an effective and efficient delivery of programs to the agrarian reform beneficiaries and other stakeholders. “It is very important that we hold this APSC meeting to identify the issues and concerns and to provide solutions thereof. We will see to it that we have a unity of direction and synchronization of plans and strategies for the attainment of our targets for this year and onwards,” she said.

Certain areas of immediate concern were discussed and presented. Director Nasir Tumog, in presenting the issues and concerns confronting the Land Tenure Service of DAR-ARMM, reiterated the need to come up with a cleansed, reliable and accurate database of landholdings in the ARMM. Assistant Regional Secretary Sampaco A. Mamainte also reminded the DARPOs to continually update the support list of landholdings covering their LAD balance. To further improve the operationalization of LTI operational tool (OpTool), DAR-ARMM intends to adopt the enhanced OpTool of DAR Regional Office XII to track status of landholding for targeting and monitoring purposes.

Meanwhile, Director II for Support to Operations Rebecca R. Bautista presented to the Committee the possible interventions of DAR-ARMM in the implementation of ARMM Health, Education, Livelihood, Peace and Governance Synergy (ARMM-HELPS) Program to achieve maximum impact of services at the local level.

To ensure holistic support for the beneficiaries of DAR-ARMM, RSSD Chief Noemi P. Barrretto presented the status of the training programs, construction and rehabilitation of infrastructure facilities and access of ARB households to basic social services under Technical Advisory Support Services (TASS). The Committee assessed and resolved the issues and concerns on the implementation of the same.

As to the Agrarian Legal Services, Chief Legal Atty. Renato D. Magno emphasized the importance of the cooperation and participation of the PAROs, Legal Chiefs, Legal Officers and LCMS focal persons to solve their issues and concerns and to finally achieve full LCMS compliance.

Sec. Sangkula-Jumaide also discussed and reminded the DARRO and DARPO personnel on equally important matters such as: further strengthening the Communication Group of DAR-ARMM by designating public information officer (PIO) per province who shall be primarily responsible for coordinating the activities of DARPOs to the regional office for publication; observance of the rules concerning 8888 Citizen’s Complaint Center and designation by DARRO and DARPOs of 8888 focal persons pursuant to Executive Order No. 6, series of 2016; and strict adherence to the directive issued by the Office of the Regional Governor on policies on travel.

Chaired by Regional Secretary Sangkula-Jumaide, the activity was attended by Assistant Regional Secretary Mamainte, Director II for Support to Operations Bautista, Director II for Operations Tumog, Chief of Staff Eng’r. Henry Chio, Regional Chief Administrative Officer Sukarno Andal, Chief Legal Atty. Magno, RSSD Chief BArretto, Planning Chief Jarratul Radjid, Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officers Rockefeller Undug of DARPO Sulu, Mesug P. Unda of DARPO Lanao del Sur, Suwaib Ismael of DARPO Basilan, Kresler Romero of DARPO Tawi-Tawi and Tommy Biruar of DARPO Maguindanao , other officials of the DARPOs and technical staff.

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