DAR ARMM officials led by Secretary Sangcopan visits Basilan ARCs

LAMITAN CITY – The Agrarian Reform Community (ARC) of Sta. Clara Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative (SCARBIDC) and the Lamitan Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative (LARBECO) warmly accommodated the visit of the Regional Secretary Amihilda J. Sangcopan together with the Provincial Agrarian Reform Officer (PARO) of the different ARMM provinces; DARPO-Lanao del Sur, PARO Engr. Mesug P. Unda, PARO Rockefeller Undug, PARO Antonio Villanueva of DARPO-Sulu, PARO Kresler Romero of DARPO-Tawi-Tawi, PARO Suwaib S. Ismael and PARO Minda Jamjiron of DARPO-Basilan.

Also present during the visit were the Executive Assistant to the Secretary, Ms. Nuron-Rahma A. Sangcopan, DARPO Basilan Chief of Operations, Ronald Y. Gadaingan, Chief of BDCD, Raymond N. Lintag, and other staff.

The visitors (officials) were delighted to hear about SCARBIDC’s history and operations. PARO Mesug Unda was impressed with the procedure SCARBIDC manages its 4,008.4012 hectares with 1,394 Agrarian Reform Partners (ARPs).

Currently gearing up on their coffee produced during the visit – locally known as “Kape Clara,” the visitors appreciated the presentation of its new label. According to Sec Sangcopan, the label appears marketable.

PARO Undug, who’s also a coffee enthusiast, eloquently cited “that no matter how rich they are in Metro Manila, hindi sila makakainom ng kape kung wala ang mga coffee farmer” adding that even in Saudi Arabia in his previous visit – sought the need for more coffee shops since he missed the opportunity to get in the store because it was always full of customers. People are paying even more just to have a cup of coffee in their table.

Soon, Kape Clara will reach the greater market and eventually be displayed in KCC Mall of Zamboanga City upon FDA’s approval, according to Racquel Flores, the SARED chief of BDCD.

Meanwhile, LARBECO was also overwhelmed upon the arrival of the group by afternoon. The chairman of the cooperative himself welcomed the guests.

The itinerary was to visit plantations of rubber, coconut, rice field, and abaca farm. Again, PARO Unda recognized the potentials LARBECO has. He likewise committed to help the cooperative to sell their abaca fibers to the local merchants in Lanao del Sur.

The visit spelled optimism from both parties, from the guests and the visited cooperatives. PAROs from other provinces appreciated the visit and are much willing to visit again. (Erwin B. Sierra, BDCD, DARPO-Basilan)

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