DAR Basilan Turns Over 3 Farm Tractors to LARBECO

news32The Department of Agrarian Reform provincial office in Basilan formally turned over 3 units of farm tractors to officials and beneficiaries of Lamitan Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative (LARBECO) last March 12 at LARBECO, in Limook, Lamitan City, Basilan.

Chairman Edilberto Martinez in his welcome remarks expressed his gratitude towards the DAR management for their unending support to their cooperative (coop) and thanked the former for sharing their time with the latter.

SuARPO Rafael Flores presented the overview of the Agrarian Reform Community Connectivity Enhancement Support Services (ARCCESS), a program of the department which provides services to agrarian reform partners and helps improve their income.

He added that there are 3 components under the program namely, professional such as coaching of skills to beneficiaries, common service facilities (CSF) like provision of farm implements and other post-harvest facilities and monitoring part which evaluate if there is an increase in their income as well as improvement in their quality of lives.

Accordingly, ARCCESS limit its grant to P3 Million only per organization and the said farm tractors were slightly utilized for 6 months by a Maguindanao coop and was transferred to LARBECO after the former coop failed to comply with the conditions set forth in the trust agreement.

Meanwhile, concurrent chief of BDCD and PARO I Engr. Raymond Lintag in his message stressed that the DARPO wanted to immediately turn over the farm tractors so they can utilize said tractors as early as it possibly benefits the recipients. The grant of these tractors manifested the DARPOs’ continuous support to the coop.

“We are glad that you have already received the tractors although it is slightly used yet still good as new and highly operational,” said PARO I Lintag.

He added that it was not easy to get those projects but with the help of the department and perseverance of the coop, it finally materialized. He likewise advised the coop to maximize its usage and they may rent the units to neighboring coops to augment their income.

“On the part of the coop, we are very glad for the realization of the projects since even if only a single unit had been granted to us we would still be grateful, more so with the grant of the three units today,” expressed LARBECO

Chairman Martinez. He further said that they will take good care of the tractors and maintain its proper operation.

The 3 units farm tractors are grants from DAR’s ARCCESS program with total worth of 2.79 million pesos. (Source: DAR provincial office – Basilan)

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