Refurbished DAR regional office building soon, following contract signing

Cotabato City – A contract was inked between DAR ARMM and NASCON Builders for the refurbishment of the regional office building on May 30, at the DAR Regional Office Conference Hall.
At the event, the NASCON Builders proprietor, Nasrodin Mitmug is represented by his staff, joined by members of the regional Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), Amal Hayat Macabato, Jarratul Radjid, with secretariats, Jehan Alangca, Isnaira Amirulhadj, Engr Khomenie Tayuan and other staff.
The invitation to bid was posted initially on May 3 under the construction management services.
The contract details the repair, maintenance, and refurbishment of DAR ARMM Regional Office building. It is with attached general and special conditions and the specification for the project.
Aside from the several projects accomplished all throughout the semester, the agency welcomes this development with optimism. The project shall commence immediately once funds are ready for disbursement.
On the recent years of DAR ARMM with the current administration, services and execution of projects has remarkably set a certain standards. With the present dynamic atmosphere of the regional office, a refurbished and modernized facility will certainly give back to enhance the delivery of services, as it has always been promised.

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